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Serie B: Pescara ultras threaten Grosso

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Pescara ultras threatened members of Bari staff with a baseball bat and left a dead rooster on the gates of Coach Fabio Grosso’s family.

The completely unacceptable incidents occurred before and after today’s 2-2 Serie B draw at the Stadio Adriatico.

The two clubs are bitter rivals and the intensity was stepped up because Bari Coach Grosso, a 2006 World Cup winner, is from the Pescara area.

His family still lives near there and their house was plastered in insulting graffiti overnight with a dead rooster – the bird being the club symbol of Bari – hanging on the gates of their front door.

Paper bombs were let off outside the team hotel the night before the match, trying to stop the Bari players getting any rest.

The worst incident of all occurred this morning, when Giovanni Loseto, a member of Grosso’s coaching staff, was approached, insulted and threatened with baseball bats by a group of Pescara ultras.

“Unfortunately, the name of Pescara has been sullied by these few individuals. I’ve always lived here, I always will, and the errors of a few won’t change my view that Pescara is a very civilised city,” said Grosso.

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