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Social media use jumps in Q1 despite privacy fears

The latest in my ongoing series of Global Digital reports for We Are Social and Hootsuite shows that the number of people around the world using social media grew by more than 100 million in the first three months of 2018, reaching almost 3.3 billion by the end of March.There’s loads of new data to…

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Harry Anderson’s Night Court costars are ‘devastated’ over loss

Markie Post had few words to share when she learned of the death of Harry Anderson, her costar on NBC’s Night Court. “I am devastated,” she tweeted on Monday night. “I’ll talk about you later, Harry, but for now, I’m devastated.” John B. Larroquette and Marsha Warfield, two of Post’s other Night Court cast mates,…

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Conan introduces a scarier Fitbit alternative, FatBat

Conan O’Brien‘s late-night partner-in-crime Andy Richter doesn’t see what everyone else seems to see in the Fitbit. Sure, it may encourage you to walk more by counting your steps, but he says it doesn’t guarantee results. He does, however, have a new product that will. It’s the FatBat! There’s “no diet, no gimmicks, just a scary guy who…

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The unlikely Boston marathon runner-up

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The unlikely runner-up will return to her full-time job with $75,000 in prize money A two-time Olympian, Desiree Linden, became the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon since 1985 on Monday - but it's the runner-up who is making headlines. Sarah Sellers ran the 26.2 mile (42km)…

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R Kelly accused of new sexual misconduct

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption R Kelly is accused of "predatory, controlling and abusive behaviour" R Kelly is facing a fresh allegation of sexual misconduct, from a former partner who claims he "intentionally" infected her with an STD in Dallas. According to her lawyer, the unnamed woman was the victim of "unlawful restraint" during…

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WaPo: Trump hasn’t signed off on Russia sanctions Haley announced

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